Arrays and Objects in JavaScript

This course will teach you a deep understanding of arrays and objects in JavaScript, and how to use them to solve real-world tasks.

Arrays and Objects in JavaScript

My latest course is complete! Arrays and Objects in JavaScript was a fun course to make, because arrays and objects are something many of us use without really understanding what they are. This is not a course for people who have never heard about arrays and objects. Instead, it's a course for people who know about and use arrays and objects, but are puzzled by some of the details. By the end of the course you'll have a solid understanding of why arrays and objects are the way they are, and also how to best use them in your code.

Key points

  • What Objects and Arrays are and how they relate
  • Object prototypes and the prototype chain
  • All about Object properties
  • How Objects are reference types and what that means
  • Comparing and cloning Objects, including deep cloning
  • Object scope and primitive wrappers
  • Techniques for working with Arrays
  • Sparse Arrays, Maps, Sets, and Typed Arrays
  • A complete overview of Array iteration strategies
  • A detailed description of every Array method